"O3 Pavilion"

EXPO Revestir, São Paulo, Brasil 2017

Event: EXPO Revestir
Commissioned by: Docol

Format: Pavilion
Job description: Architecture, Interior Design and Creative Direction.

Project by: Atelier Marko Brajovic

Atelier Marko Brajovic project team;
Creative Direction: arch. Marko Brajovic
Project Direction: arch. Bruno Bezerra
Architect: arch. Fernanda Zanetti
Architect: arch. Fernanda Matos
Architect: arch. Daniel Locatelli
Architect: arch. Natalia Winnicka

Construction and set-up: Paleta

O3 Pavilion was inspired by the ozone trioxide molecule. The three atoms of oxygen become three spaces of experience of the concept pavilion of the Docol.
The structure of the pavilion consists of domes programmed by the Voronio code.
This geometric modulation happens in nature, in the organic and inorganic world such as, for example, water bubbles.
Each atom has a unique multi-sensory experience which contextualises the public in relation to the respective products on display.
An experimental architecture, a futuristic habitat, a laboratory of vocational thinking.

Photos by: Gui Morelli