"Montenegro Pavilion EXPO Milano 2015"

EXPO Milano, Italy 2015

Interior Design, Scenography, Light Design, Interface Design, Product Design and Video post-production: Atelier Marko Brajovic

Commissioned by; Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro

Commissioner: Ivan Saveljić

Atelier Marko Brajovic project team:
Creative Director: arch. Marko Brajovic
Project Director: arch. Carmela Rocha
Project Coordination: arch. Miljana Radovic
Visual Communication, Interface and Product Design: arch. Milica Djordjevic
Video post-production: Fernando Timba

Construction, scenography and interior design set-up: Bell Productions

General Producer: FM-Ingegneria

Project Concept:
The concept of the project of pavilion of Montenegro is based on meeting montenegrin tradition with innovative technologies, in order to represent Montenegro as a country of great possibilities, beauty and contemporary development.

Traditional montenegrin elements and it’s natural pearls are analysed as a base in creating the concept, through it’s form, atmosphere and materials.

In cultural context, the idea of the circle, as one of the elements that dominate the scenography has came out of rethinking the place where Montenegrins used to gather around the preparing the food -ognjiste.
The circle doesn’t literally present the place itself, it becomes a metaphor of bond of montenegrin family. They become a home and family. The "opening" of the circle presents opening of the doors of the house and represents montenegrin hospitality as one of the most important aspects when it comes to it's people and food. Circle is also a structure of montenegrin national dance, but also the gumno as the basic place of performance in history of montenegrin villages, From all these topics the circle is represented as a physical element which becomes the important part of scenography of the pavilion. It becomes the abstraction of the house which receives the guest, known and unknown, which has always been and still is a measure of montenegrin honor and dignity.

Another aspect in presenting Montenegro is through it’s natural beauties. The ceiling made of wool, traditional montenegrin material, represents the expressive montenegrin relief. The strong touch of montenegrin mountains with the sky, the constant view to huge volumes becomes the main element of the project. The inverted mountain reflects in the mirror (the lake of the scenography) at the floor where the public will basically “walk through the mountains”.
The visitors will stand under the mountain Durmitor which reflects in Crno jezero. This moment of the scenography represents the culmination of the pavilion. The mountain changes four colors creating the different atmospheres through the four seasons of the year. Each of the colors corresponds different events in the pavilion.

The walls of the pavilion are the abstract response to the topic of the food. The idea of the walls comes out of the growth of grapevine and wine production. In this context the walls in the space of the pavilion are positioned in the part for selling and promoting the most important products of Montenegro.

A whole project takes the essential from montenegrin tradition and through sophisticated design presents the idea of contemporary Montenegro which with it’s potential has a lot to offer to the world.
All this is presented in meeting the innovative technologies, through interactive table and video wall, where the food becomes the guide and the story of the tourism, natural fortunes and undiscovered beauties of our country,

Photos: Filippo Poli