"DÉJÀ VU EVROPA" - Observation of Reality

Barcelona, Spain 2000

Format: Streaming video instalation
Tecnology: Real-time streaming videos from three servers with open bendwich. Three screens projection.

2000. Centro Civico Barcelobeta, Barcelona, Spain.

Project Description:
Three videos were recorded in three countries: Belgium, Croatia and Spain. The videos explore the static camera with one object only moving. Transfered in real-team through video straming technology, and re-programming the video compressors the images are "perverted" by framerate delay. The "reality" of the video, that explore the domestic and daily life in the new formed European Economic Comunity is now relative. So, what is the limit of reality concerning errors in videos? When we were watching the low resolution broadcasts from wars in Kuwait, Ex Ugoslavia, etc, did we believe the images were tellig us the truth? What is the limit of abstraction where we do not belive anymore the reality is re-presented by the foto-quality of an video?