São Paulo, Brasil 2015

Project name: NSDC
Model: NSDC03
Project by: Atelier Marko Brajovic
Partnership: Museu da Cidade and Prefeitura de São Paulo

Atelier Marko Brajovic Team:
Creative Director: arch. Marko Brajovic
Project Director: arch. Carmela Rocha
Intern Architect: arch. Ana Toljic
Video: Ximena Luz

The "NSDC" project arises from our view of the city of São Paulo and the identification of existing spatial segregation materialised with the grids that separate parks, museums and public spaces of people. The project proposes the transformation of the city's grids in urban equipments through the design process as a transformer agent.
In collaboration with Museu da Cidade and Prefeitura de São Paulo, the project developed by Atelier Marko Brajovic aims to create a design tool that enables further actions in order to spread urban equipments in cities of Brazil through reuse and transformation of grids in the cities.
Curated by Afonso LiuzThe project name, NSDC is a tribute to the scenic architecture of Lina Bo Bardi for the play “Na Selva das Cidades” (In the Jungle of the Cities) by Bertolt Brecht produced by the Teatro Oficina in the 1960s made with recycled material from the streets.
The first prototype, NSDC 3 was presented at the Design Weekend São Paulo in August 2015; made out from Arquivo Histórico de São Paulo grids and the final version installed at Arquivo Histórico de São Paulo as well.
NSCD is not a furniture but a transformation tool. The project will be shared via Creative Commons and a book, in the form of a manual, was produced by Atelier Marko Brajovic, aiming to open our design process and present it so that each person can make your own design. The book presents the concept, project strategy, technical drawings and various possible interpretations of the theme.